A weekly recap, a weekcap, for the 48th week of the year 2022.

It’s December! I really like this time of year, though I wish Houston was colder. I took advantage of one of the days in the 50s (LOL!) we got and made Chicken Udon - so good! Ben didn’t care for it too much though… Will have to work on that!

At work, I started contributing to a new client project this week. It’s a React Native project which I haven’t touched or looked at in like 5? years?! Should be fun and a nice change in pace. Though I discovered this in my first couple days contributing: React Native’s Flex implementation doesn’t support gap - what year is it?!

Advent of Code started, and I’m using it as an excuse to finally buckle down and learn Rust — you can follow my progress here.

Best thing I watched:

Learning Rust the wrong way - Ólafur Waage - NDC TechTown 2022

Approaching a new language can be scary and time consuming. The author has been a C++ programmer for quite some time and has tried to give Rust a chance many times over the years with not much success. But this has changed.

I watched and read more tutorials than fingers on my hands and came across this wonderful talk. Applies to much more than Rust. There’s a lot of points in common with Range - Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, which coincidentally, I read last month and why it resonated with me.

Best thing I read:

Polygonising a scalar field

Also known as: “3D Contouring”, “Marching Cubes”, “Surface Reconstruction” Written by Paul Bourke - May 1994

Always wondered how metaballs worked, so I went down a rabbit hole that had this at the bottom.

Best thing I listened to:

Songs from the Valley - John Vincent III

First time I’ve come across this artist, they got some really lovely tones out of the guitar and vocals on this album.