Happy holidays to you and yours, this is a weekly recap, a weekcap, for the 51th week of the year 2022.

This week got really busy, across all fronts. As a result I was only able to complete one day of Advent of Code. After a couple weeks with Rust, I realize it is an especially poor tool for AoC challenges. I intend to write up my thoughts on Rust in a more focused and thorough post, stay tuned.

This and some clean up for last week got me across last years progress, so I’m calling it a Christmas miracle. Thanks Santa! 🎅

In a nutshell this is how December graphs out.

December Day Progression

Best thing I watched:

Short one this week due to the business of the season - I’m prioritizing time with family and intentional rest. I hope you have the opportunity to do the same.

Harvard CS50 – Full Computer Science University Course

Learn the basics of computer science from Harvard University. This is CS50, an introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.

If you are looking for a robust overview of introductory computer science concepts presented in a clear and concise manner you’ll be hard pressed to find anything near the quality of this Harvard course. It is so approachable that I recommend it even to your non-technical folks. Nearly 25 hours of engaging content, have your 2x playback speed ready.