Testing for a11y


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Common Excuses

  1. "It's not that important"
  2. "We'd rather focus on features"
  3. "It's too hard"
Robin saying "It's not that important" and Batman slapping Robin saying "You're legally obligated"
Robin saying "We'd rather focus on features" and Batman slapping Robin saying "Making sure as many users can access your features is biggest bang for buck to maximize value to your users "
Robin saying "It's too hard" and Batman slapping Robin saying "Maybe, but not really anymore"

Achieving the highest levels of a11y compliance can be really difficult but there's some low hanging fruit that can get you well on your way with minimal investment.

— Matthew Simo


  • Jest-axe / Vitest-axe: plug into automated tests
  • axe Dev Tools: manual polish step at build out time

[axe Dev Tools Demo]